Detour: Links to Read

Since I seem to be on a role here, posting things today, I wanted to get these links up before things move on, and/or I forget.

Sometimes I’ll come across a story, or coverage of something, and realize I won’t be able to sum it up for my dear readers any better, so I am going to start including links right here, when needed. Without further ado, PfRP’s links of the now:

On Slate, Dave Weigel has a good short piece up on the numbers behind the “WIN!/LOSE!” coverage of Tuesday’s primaries. Some details on county-level information, as well as what we can take away from exit polls. Check it out!

On Spencer Ackerman’s site, he has a story on what Eric Holder’s DoJ believes about the ability to kill Americans suspected of being terrorists (without a trial). It’s a really interesting position, as evidenced by this line:

Responding to the Fifth Amendment’s fundamental stipulation that the government must provide due process of law before depriving a citizen of life, liberty or property, Holder comes up with a legal novelty: a Hellfire missile is due process of law.


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