International Women’s Day 2012

As today’s “Google Doodle” celebrates, today is International Women’s Day. While different groups around the globe have picked different “themes” for this year’s commemoration, overall the day is an opportunity to focus on the millions of women around the world who have struggled, and to focus on ending violence on women and working to achieve gender equality.

While I highly recommend looking into ways you can get involved, possibly checking out the United Nation’s Women’s Day site, or that of the European Union. Of course, there is also, which, unsurprisingly, has a lot of information about today. I also would urge you to check out the good work being done by the folks over at EMILY’s List, and the National Organization for Women.

I have been extremely fortunate in my life to have had really remarkable women in my life. I am constantly moved and inspired by the work they do, and the sort of widely-accepted institutionalized gender-bias in our world which they have had to overcome. Why not take a minute today to think about what would happen, for instance, if a leading candidate for President suggested that medicine 99% of men take is “harmful for society”.


I’ll just leave you with this quote, just in case you somehow think there’s no such thing as institutionalized prejudice against women in modern society:

“[Y]ou can’t show a topless woman on TV – and you can’t defibrillate a woman in a bra. So victims of heart attacks on TV are *always* male. Did you know that a woman having a heart attack is more likely to have back or jaw pain than chest or left arm pain? I didn’t – because I’ve never seen a woman having a heart attack. I’ve been trained in CPR and Advanced First Aid by the Red Cross over 15 times in my life, the videos and booklets always have a guy and say the same thing about clutching his chest and/or bicep.

And people laugh when I tell them women are still invisible in this world.” – Caroline Sharp

Today would be a great day to send in that donation to Planned Parenthood you’ve been meaning to get around to!

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