Welcome to 2013

Happy New Year, everyone! 

There are going to be some exciting new changes here at Politics for Regular People, some which will be rolled out in the coming months, and some which you will be seeing as soon as tomorrow.

The first big change will be regularity! Remember how this blog is allegedly a weekly (or more often if needed) update on explaining political goings-on? Well, we are recommitting ourselves to that most elusive mistress… scheduling! Weekly updates will be priority numero uno in the New Year.

Secondly, to better reflect on all the “news of the week,” updates will come out on Sunday mornings. Almost as if we’re an e-print version of one of those Sunday political talk shows (Meet the Press, Face the Nation, Impress the Nation, etc.), we will be better able to reflect on what best needs to broken-down from the previous week’s headlines (or things that should have been headlines).

Third, we are aiming for simplicity! This blog was formed as a response to mildly politically informed family members asking questions about the political news events, and we try not to get to caught up in our own excitement for the minutiae details that can be boring to normal, non-junkies. Discussions of “Robert’s Rules of Order”… out. Attempting to explain why it’s called the “Fiscal Cliff” and not “doing our national finances”… in!

We hope you’ll be joining us this year, because we here at PRP sure are excited about the upcoming changes!

See you Sunday.


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