Welcome to Politics for Regular People, and thanks for checking out the blog.

This blog was started as a response to all the questions I was asked by family members about the political goings-on throughout any given week. During my time as a Political Science major in college, I was constantly writing papers anyway, so I figured that exercising that writing muscle was something I should keep doing, while, at the same time, not needing to have long drawn-out phone calls with extended family trying to explain how taxes work. As fun as that sounds, I only have so many minutes on my cell phone plan.

The term “regular people,” from the blog’s title is to differentiate from non-political junkies. No offense meant to anyone, of course, as following this stuff constantly is probably unhealthy. Well done all you folks, for having lives, hobbies, families, and the rest!

Updated every Sunday, getting into a topic or two from the previous week’s events. Occasionally just diving into a topic that we here at PRP feel needs diving into!

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