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What Happened in NH? Nothing Much

You may have noticed the lack of a post-New Hampshire update here. Why, I hear you asking? Well, it has something to do with the fact that little to no news was actually made on election night in the Granite State. After leading in the polls for months, Mitt Romney (who owns a home in New Hampshire) won the first-in-the-nation primary with 39% of the vote, more than sixteen percentage points over second-place finisher Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who ended up with 23%.

Former Utah governor and ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, who had staked his hopes on New Hampshire came in third with just under 17%. Huntsman had spent months campaigning in New Hampshire, and in the week since the Iowa caucuses, had hoped to pull a Rick Santorum, making Romney fight for a win in his own backyard. Unfortunately for the Huntsman camp, there was no late-in-the-game massive surge towards Huntsman, leaving the candidate walking wounded as he heads to South Carolina.

Ron Paul’s surprisingly strong second-place finish in New Hampshire has left many asking what will become of the movement candidate who almost certainly will not end up being the party’s nominee. While Rick Perry will go back to governing Texas, Newt Gingrich will go back to writing books and lecturing, and Jon Huntsman will try to get speaking gigs at Americans Elect events, Ron Paul has not been one to go quietly off to lick his wounds. Famously, Congressman Paul held a dueling convention in 2008, mere miles from the Republican nominating convention in Saint Paul, MN. This time around, however, Ron Paul has gained more attention, in part due to the change in GOP primaries which now awards delegates on a proportional basis rather than the old winner-take-all model. While Paul has almost no chance of becoming the nominee, his role in this contest is far from over, as he remains one of the few candidates with the organization necessary to keep pulling in delegates in order to be a presence at the GOP convention in Tampa, FL.


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Farewell, Michele

In the cold light of Wednesday morning, the Republican candidates who are not Rick Santorum are sitting down to reassess what last night’s Iowa caucuses mean for them. After coming in as a distant sixth in the race, Michele Bachmann has announced that she is suspending her campaign. The Minnesota congresswoman and chair of the Tea Party Caucus in the House of Representatives was unable to pull off a repeat of her Iowa Straw Poll victory from last August.

After being the first candidate to enjoy the odd boom-and-bust cycle we’ve seen over and over again with the GOP field, Bachmann was relegated to “fringe candidate” status, leaving her trailing behind nearly all the other “big names” vying for the nomination. Following Rep. Bachmann’s decision to drop out of the race, Texas Governor Rick Perry, who seemed to signal that his campaign would be rethinking its place in the 2012 process, announced to his Twitter followers that he was continuing on to campaign in South Carolina. With Herman Cain, Gary Johnson, and now Michele Bachmann out of the race for the Republican nomination, the remaining candidates will be positioning themselves to best attract those voters looking for a candidate to support.

As January rolls on, the campaign calendar becomes tighter, with New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida all holding primaries within the next twenty-seven days.

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